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cannons has been the approved electrical supplier to JMC IT for the last 15 years. In all this time, I have never had cause to even consider moving suppliers or looking elsewhere for a better service or price. They are approachable, knowledgeable and prompt with requests for quotes.

Work is always scheduled when best suited to us and we have come rely on them tremendously. They take a pragmatic approach to jobs and always look to do the best job they can at the best price for us.

They can also be relied upon to respond to requests at very short notice. Several years ago, we had an electrical outage which took the power completely away from our building, due to cable theft. It was the call to Cannons which saved the day and subsequent weeks. Within hours we were back on line with a generator and they took control, advised and helped us to manage an extremely difficult situation incredibly well.

I would recommend Cannons without hesitation. They are probably not the cheapest around, but they are our electrical contractor of choice and in our opinion you get what you pay for, and we get a lot.

Lauren SteeleJMC IT Manchester